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Safety is Easy...if you have the right tools for the job...

Posted by Medsafe on Aug 15, 2018 10:10:00 AM

Anyone that took 8th grade shop is familiar with the phrase, “Measure twice, cut once”.  That axiom serves as a simple reminder to do the job accurately and correctly the FIRST time.  Likewise, anyone that has ever done their own plumbing knows that every project includes multiple mandatory visits to your favorite home improvement retailer, because YES of COURSE I have a roll of Teflon tape; I have a whole STACK of them. Somewhere. I think.  Famous last words.


Current location : Elsewhere

Fall protection is no different.  If we want the best results, we need to ensure that we have done our homework before we begin working at heights.  Have we thoroughly reviewed the scope of work and identified all of the fall hazards?  Have we determined how those hazards might change or evolve as the sequence of work takes place?

Under the best of circumstances, planning may help us to greatly reduce, or eliminate, the number of fall hazards to which our workforce will be exposed.  In those circumstances where the hazards can’t be eliminated, we will have the opportunity to plan for anchorages that are appropriately rated, located and elevated to ensure that Personal Fall Arrest Systems are able to perform at optimum levels.

The right tool for the job...

Part of planning is making sure that we have selected the correct equipment to address each fall hazard that will meet the needs of each functional group.  Imagine how useless a toolbox would be if it contained only a single phillips screwdriver, a 5/16” wrench and half a roll of duct tape.  Ironically, many take that approach to fall protection – one style of harness, a twin personal SRL and a cable sling – for everyone, regardless of the task or the hazard. This is unacceptable.

Sure, the “Duty to Have Fall Protection” has been fulfilled in spirit, but in practice, this one-size-fits-all approach is tantamount to driving a screw with a hammer.  The result is both predictable and entirely unsatisfactory.  Keep in mind, where Fall Arrest is concerned, unsatisfactory results are REALLY unsatisfactory.

OK, technically, this is pretty awesome.

You have chosen...wisely

If we can be thoughtful enough to take the toolbox approach to fall protection, we can successfully utilize a combination of passive measures to ensure that each hazard has been mitigated with the best solution. Use of restraint as well as both personal and collective fall protection systems ensure that each functional group has the flexibility to safely complete their work.

At Medsafe, we ARE Fall Protection experts. We've devoted a significant portion of our online presence to educating you on Fall Protection hazards and solutions. In case you missed it, here are a few previously published articles on the topic:

You should also check out our Fall Protection FAQ. It's a comprehensive database filled with the most commonly addressed topics in the Fall Protection arena. If you can't find the answer there - contact us! We'd be glad to help you find a solution.

Medsafe's primary objective is, and has always been to save lives and to keep people safe. We do that not only by offering the best safety equipment available, but by supporting you - our customer - with the training, education, and support you need to get your job done in a safe and productive manner. Of all the things we do well, taking care of our customer's needs is our number one job. Thanks for stopping by!

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