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National Work Zone Awareness Week

Posted by goSafe goSafe on Apr 23, 2020 7:00:00 AM

The country has gone back to work. And it's important to remember that, although much of our lives were interrupted for a year or so, the world has continued to turn and business continues for many essential workers around the world. If you haven't been out much, there are some things you should re-familiarize yourself with; one of the most important being your awareness of workers in construction zones, and the hazards they face from drivers like you. 

goSafe has always been committed to protecting workers from workplace hazards. In observance of National Work Zone Awareness Week, we're promoting positive safety measures that help keep motorists and workers alike safe. An ongoing reality is that construction, in some shape or form, continues to take place. Whether residential, commercial, road, or other, construction zones exist and are populated with workers who are focused on getting the job done. Your awareness of your surroundings is critical. There are still plenty of cars on the road, and the dangers posed by inattentive drivers towards those working in construction zones is still ever-present. Although traffic is lower, stress levels may be higher for workers and drivers alike, increasing the risk of injury. In light of all this, every driver must do their part to protect those who are building our future homes, businesses and roadways. These individuals continue to improve the world we live in despite the restrictions that exist for large segments of society, and we want to recognize that by committing to help keep them safe.

Do Your Part

National Work Zone Awareness Week is April 20 - 24, 2020. NWZAW is an event that takes place across the United States, with partnerships between state departments of transportation (DOT), national road safety organizations, government agencies, private companies, and individuals. This week highlights the deadly dangers of inattention at highway work areas, and you can help lead the way - by increasing your own awareness of construction zones and the hazards they represent. When you're getting your much needed fresh air on your drive, be sure to stay alert and aware of work zones, obey street and warning signs, and watch for workers who are making the future brighter. Your safe drive can save the life of a father, mother, or friend, not to mention your own.

Visit http://www.nwzaw.org/ for more information. #NWZAW #Orange4Safety

For an interactive look at a variety of safety topics, please visit the goSafe Hazard School. In addition the goSafe Expert Zone contains downloadable SOP's, Inspection forms, and on-site posters related to a wide range of safety-related topics - all available at no cost to you. 

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