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Medsafe is now goSafe

Posted by goSafe goSafe on Feb 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Last year, Medsafe celebrated 40 years of business in the Industrial Safety field. Medsafe began life in 1979 as a small, family owned and operated supplier of medical and first aid equipment to industry. Over time, the business expanded to include additional items - PPE, Fall Protection, and other equipment; all designed for one purpose: to Save Lives. From the beginning, our motto has been 'Safety Begins With Us'. That message holds true to this day, and everything that we stand for is built around honoring our commitment to keeping our customers safe so that, at the end of the day, they can go home.

The Changing Face of Safety

An important part of being a leader in the safety business is understanding that over time, things change. Equipment evolves and improves. Procedures and standards are constantly updated. Most importantly, the people who are subjected to dangers on the jobsite - the ones who use the equipment we provide - are in a continual state of flux. They expect more. We accept that, and understand that in order for us to continue to be effective, we must remain open to change, and we must evolve as well.

Our evolution from Medsafe to goSafe is not only about a new name and a new look. It's also about embracing a new mindset on workplace culture, and offering expanded resources and services to our customers. 

The Science Behind Safety

Moving forward, goSafe will be pioneering a new strategy designed not just to sell safety equipment, but to provide resources to encourage a healthier work culture. To that end, we've partnered with Kintla; a workplace safety resource dedicated to applying years of neuroscience research to improve worker safety, morale, and efficiency. Founded and run by experienced professionals in workplace psychology, coaching, safety, and training, Kintla is the brainchild of alumni from companies big and small as well as several fortune 500 companies

Life is Better in the Green Zone


Nothing effects your work more than how you feel.

Even the best safety equipment can’t actively prevent an accident when the worker using it is distracted, tired, stressed, or angry. Many companies try to manage worksite issues by asking workers to push past them, and keep working with a better attitude. Kintla takes a different approach: going beyond behavioral adjustments to the emotional core of why workers behave the way they do and understanding their issues.

The partnership between goSafe and Kintla has resulted in expanded services now available to our customers. At the top of our newly designed website, you'll see options for visiting the goSafe Hazard School and the goSafe Expert Zone. The Expert Zone was designed as a resource for professionals who are looking for Standard Operating Procedures, Inspection forms, and other related materials to help increase and ensure procedural workplace safety. The Hazard School is an interactive resource that will help users learn more about staying safe at work. We incorporate all the traditional elements of safety and add some new ways of thinking about safety based on neuroscience. Through neuroscience, we know that humans are built to make mistakes - and in this Hazard Recognition School, we teach ways to understand this and minimize the impacts. 


In addition, goSafe now offers expanded Programs & Services, including online-based corporate programs for RX Eyewear, FR Clothing, and Safety Boots & Shoes. CLICK HERE for more information on these exciting new programs.

goSafe and goHome

New look. New logo. New services. New strategy to encourage a healthier workplace culture. While all of these are new things, it's important to remember that our core philosophy, and the principles that drive us, have not changed, and never will. Safety Begins with Us. The combination of that guiding principle with a fresh outlook on our industry amplifies our new message: goSafe - and go home.

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